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Mission Critical and Telecommunications

Mission Critical and Telecommunications operations rely on accurate, continuous audio/video transmission with the ability to store data. Electrostatic discharge in Mission Critical, Dispatch Areas, and other Telecommunications environments can disrupt these transmissions. This can damage sensitive communications and data storage equipment, as well as cause discomfort to dispatch operators via headset discharge. Disruptions such as these can result in the loss of service and, in mission critical environments, compromise the safety of someone in need of immediate help.

An effective ESD flooring solution can provide a reliable, ESD-safe environment to help ensure continuous and safe operations.

Telecommunication Flooring

StaticStop products frequently used in this environment include:

OhmStyle ESD Carpet By far the most commonly used flooring in these environments, OhmStyle ESD Carpet provides superior aesthetics, comfort, and sound absorption while effectively controlling static build-up.
FreeStyle ESD Interlocking

FreeStyle CVT Glue-Down

Conductive vinyl is sometimes used when the operations require a hard-surface flooring solution. StaticStop’s conductive vinyl products are easy to maintain and hold-up better than other options to rolling chairs and constant foot traffic.
SelecTile ESD This industrial-grade ESD flooring solution is built to take a beating. Sometimes, dispatch centers at police and fire stations are home to personnel with heavy boots that result in demanding wear and tear. The SelecTile ESD is built specifically for this type of abuse.