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MAS Certified Green Flooring for Labs

mas certified green flooring

As environmental concerns remain a priority, SelecTech continues to work hard to ensure our products exceed sustainability standards. Here, we proudly boast a MAS Certified Green logo on all of our products. What does this mean for our customers? It means that you have an environmentally conscious flooring option that you can feel good about. Besides, with various solutions, the MAS certified green flooring from SelecTech is perfect in any space!


What is MAS certified green flooring?

MAS (Material Analytics Services), created its Certified Green Leaf trademark to provide consumers with an easy way to identify products that are better for you and the planet. Products with the green leaf logo significantly reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the air. If you’re not familiar with VOCs, the short version is that they have been proven to cause several respiratory concerns.


How does a company earn the certified green emblem?

At SelecTech, we’ve designed a flooring system that eliminates VOCs entirely. By creating our interlocking tiles, you need to lock each tile in place – similar to a jigsaw puzzle. The tiles will remain in place with no need to worry about shifting or coming apart. With this method of installation, there is no need to glue the tiles down. Without solvents and adhesives, there is no opportunity for VOCs to be present in the air. This makes this method of installation much safer. Additionally, there is no drying time since there is no glue, so installation is faster than traditional glue-down floors. Our MAS Certified Green ESD flooring is good for the planet, your health, and your wallet.