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Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

ESD Flooring

StaticStop has and continues to debunk some of the craziest myths we here about static control vinyl floor tiles. We’ve talked about in the past how many are under the impression that vinyl tile is consistently unattractive, is the same across the board, and is not a durable option compared to other materials. We can only shake our heads at these accusations because we can think of a handful of reasons that our interlocking ESD vinyl flooring is the best choice!

It’s easy to install and maintain

Vinyl is known as an easy flooring solution that doesn’t require much effort to keep looking and acting brand new, and that’s become even easier with StaticStop. Our tiles have a built-in underlayment, are resistant to moisture, and can be installed directly over problem subfloors, which means we cut down on installation time even more than before.

It’s designed for heavy traffic

As long as your vinyl is installed correctly, many find that vinyl is the perfect, durable flooring solution for them. With the lack of wear, you will notice your ESD properties will last far longer than other materials. The best way to ensure longevity is to work with a reputable ESD manufacturer like StaticStop to receive the best product possible.

It’s extremely comfortable

For the most standard vinyl, it is described to be comfortable and warm under the foot, and StaticStop takes this comfort to a whole new level. Our built-in underlayment acts as an insulator provides ESD protection, and additionally, feels fantastic under your foot. All the comfort you need without the added installation.

Luckily, if you haven’t made any big decisions about your ESD flooring yet, StaticStop would be happy to work with you. Without having to worry about those problem subfloors, underlayment, and other common problems found with ESD flooring installation, you will quickly realize why our flooring is the best solution for your business.

With more questions, please contact us today by calling (508) 583-3200.