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esd floors

4 Reasons Medical Labs Need ESD Floors

A lot of sensitive work goes on in medical labs, and ESD floors are essential to maintaining the integrity of their results.

access floors

Lab and Access Floors: What to Know Before You Start

Labs and areas with access floors have specialized requirements. Here’s what you should know about lab flooring before you start.

antistatic epoxy

How Does Antistatic Epoxy Work?

Antistatic epoxy is ideal for electronics manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangars, or any industrial space where the subfloor is in good condition.

cleanroom flooring

Why Cleanroom Flooring Needs Antistatic Materials

StaticStop antistatic products from SelecTech are ideal for cleanroom flooring to help protect the delicate work that happens in these environments.

esd flooring

LEED Certification and ESD Flooring

Here’s a closer look at LEED certification and how it affects our ESD flooring products.

interlocking anti-static floors

Recycled Products and Interlocking Anti-Static Floors

Here’s a closer look at how we use recycled materials in our interlocking anti-static floors.

conductive flooring materials

Conductive Flooring Materials: Where Does the Static Go?

Let’s tackle a big question surrounding conductive flooring materials: where does the static electricity go?

esd floor carpet

ESD Floor: How Can Carpet Dissipate Static?

If an anti-static floor made of carpet sounds counterintuitive, don’t worry! The team at SelecTech is here to explain how it works.

interlocking esd flooring

Interlocking ESD Tile for Flexible Labs

Let’s look at why interlocking ESD flooring is ideal for a flexible lab environment.

antistatic flooring

Antistatic Flooring: How to Become Certified Green

At SelecTech, we’re proud of the fact that we do everything we can to reduce the impact our antistatic flooring and other products have on the environment.