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Center stage on the Learning Stage. SelecTech’s Ricciardelli to speak at ABX 2014

Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech, Inc., will be a speaker at this year’s ABX Expo at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, 415 Summer Street in Boston later this month. Ricciardelli’s talk, entitled “Shades of Green in Flooring” will take place at 11:30am on Wednesday, October 29 on the Learning Stage section of the Expo.

Based in Avon, MA, SelecTech, Inc. is a leader in the manufacture of innovative flooring products from recycled materials–SelecTech flooring products are also 100 percent recyclable. Ricciardelli’s talk will provide examples of “green” flooring and cover the various attributes that make flooring “green,” including recycled content, recyclability, VOC emissions, raw material make-up, and others.

“ABX is the premier event for people in our industry in our region and it’s an honor to be invited to speak,” said Ricciardelli. “Green flooring is a relatively new concept and product in the industry and I’m looking forward to sharing information about its benefits with Expo attendees.”

Ricciardelli’s talk will also cover the attributes that contribute to LEED, as well as others that are not considered under the LEED rating system.

SelecTech’s presence at ABX 2014 goes beyond Ricciardelli’s presentation. The flooring at the ABX Innovation Pavilion will be SelecTech’s FreeStyle products. The company will also have a booth at the Innovation Pavilion.

“There’s no better place than a conference to experience the difference in flooring between our flooring and the hard surfaces you find at most conventions,” said Ricciardelli.

In addition to being made from recycled materials and 100 percent recyclable, SelecTech flooring products feature a patented interlocking system—including patented recycled composite underlayment with interlocking tabs—and require no adhesive or special tools to install. Utilizing a breakthrough interlocking technology, SelecTech products completely bypass the need for adhesives and floor prep to install or replace flooring. This dramatically reduces installation times because old flooring can be left in place and machinery and furniture does not have to be completely moved or removed for installation.

In addition, SelecTech offers anti-static flooring products, specifically the aforementioned  FreeStyle ESD products. This type of flooring is typically used by industries such as electronics manufacturing, communications, aerospace, biotech and healthcare where electronics and sensitive data must be protected.

To learn more about SelecTech products, including the FreeStyle and FreeStyle ESD flooring products, visit http://www.selectechinc.com. For information about the ABX conference, visit www.abexpo.com.