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Considerations for Your New Warehouse Flooring

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When choosing a new warehouse flooring option, buying the first floor you find online for an inexpensive cost might be more expensive in the long run. Though you believe you have found the best deal, your flooring selection might not necessarily be acceptable for your workspace conditions. Finding a floor that fits your budget and can handle the stress of your warehouse environment is essential to getting the most value from your flooring system. StaticStop™ knows a thing or two about industrial flooring options, and wants you to remember these three items when you begin shopping around.


From foot traffic to machine use, you might find that certain kinds of flooring options just won’t cut it for your business. If you are replacing old floors in your current warehouse, consider the wear patterns you have noticed in the past, and ask questions about flooring options that will withstand this kind of movement.

Installation time

If you run a warehouse, or manage a business that uses a warehouse, you know that even a few hours of delays can impact your ability to get your products out the door. Be sure to ask questions about installation prep, timeframes, and downtime to ensure you are able to get back to work as soon as possible.


Depending on your industry, you might find yourself in need of specific flooring options to protect your equipment. For example, some warehouses need static controlled flooring to remove static build up and prevent damaging expensive electronic equipment. Make sure you know what types of hazards need to be taken into consideration when purchasing flooring.

If you’re finding yourself coming up short when searching for the perfect warehouse ESD floors for your business, StaticStop™ has solutions for all of your flooring needs. Not only do we offer durable, static control flooring; we have interlocking options that go down faster and easier than our competitors. If you have any questions about our flooring, call us today at (508) 583-3200.