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Glue Down Conductive Vinyl Tile

conductive vinyl tile CVT

Aerospace and National Defense programs are some of the world’s most prominent, and most rigid industries.  Governed by strict guidelines and standards, there is no room for error.  Thus, every detail of the business needs to be taken into consideration.  Whether you are choosing the highest performing pieces of equipment or the flooring for your space, details matter.  Static Stop offers conductive vinyl tile flooring that is made with these industries in mind.  Eliminating static electricity in the work area helps to keep the safest environment possible for your employees and projects.  If static control is a concern to your industry, CVT offers many appealing benefits.


The key to a successful business is production.  However, when installing or replacing a floor, you could incur a significant amount of downtime.  Bringing production to a halt is not ideal, but sometimes necessary.  However, Static Stop has designed conductive vinyl tile that allows for a minimal stop in production, if any at all.  Because of their unique interlocking system that allows installation to occur in sections, a complete shutdown is not necessary.  Furthermore, this makes moving any furniture and equipment a simpler task as the room does not need to be emptied. Thus preventing potential damage to any equipment.

Another added benefit to this flooring system is the replacement of tiles has also been simplified in process.  The unique design of Static Stop’s flooring allows for a single tile to be removed should damage occur.  Removal without compromising the entire flooring system is key.  Because of this added convenience, you can count on minimal downtime in production.  Whether you need to replace a single tile or section of flooring, CVT allows for a timely operation.

Static Protection

Because of the extreme sensitivity involved with many of the projects engaged by national defense and space programs, static control in the work area is essential.  Electronics, testing equipment, and possibly explosives can all be affected by static electricity.  The uniquely designed CVT of Static Stops helps in minimizing the static electricity which lessens the chance of a static discharge.  Thus reducing the potential damage to sensitive components or data impacting devices.


Homogenous vinyl with conductive veins that run throughout the product provides permanent and reliable conductivity that is guaranteed for the life of the product.  Available in a variety of colors, this low-cost flooring system makes choosing the right conductive vinyl tile for your work area a breeze.  Contact SelecTec today to learn about the products and benefits of Static Stop products (508) 583-3200 or visit them online at www.selectechinc.com