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How Does Static Accumulate?

Electricity is everywhere, and it helps us accomplish lots of tasks. Did you know your brain communicates with your muscles using electrical signals? It’s also used in things like pacemakers and AEDs, as well as powering your home and conducting important scientific tests. But when is it not beneficial? Electrostatic energy can be harmful, and just as helpful when it comes in contact with conductive metals. When working with these sensitive materials, it’s best to install a dissipative flooring, like StaticStop.

ESD Industries

Industries that work under sensitive conditions, like aerospace defense or manufacturing, need to keep the level of electrostatic energy at bay as to not interfere with predetermined conditions. To minimize the electrostatic interference, these companies use ESD – electrostatic dissipative – products. This prevents static electricity generated by employees from making its way into the product. These products typically include things like gloves, coats, tools, and flooring. Our StaticStop ESD flooring, available in both interlocking and glue down formats, removes this energy and keeps your machinery safe.

Where Does It Come From?

The static electricity you’re trying to block out is the same static you’ve dealt with in your everyday life. Have you ever taken your coat off and hung it on a metal hook, only to get shocked? You walking across the floor generates this energy, and it occurs whenever two objects come in contact with one another and then separate. Our engineers design ESD flooring to remove this static, preventing it from spreading any further.

We offer flooring solutions for a variety of spaces. Whether you need a single mat or enough ESD protection for an entire manufacturing floor, StaticStop by SelecTech has precisely what you’re looking for. We also have solutions such as Spray-Lock adhesive and cleaning and finishing products to keep your floor, and your business, safe from static electricity. Click here to browse our inventory of electrostatic dissipative flooring and related products.