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What Does an Interlocking Floor Mean?

StaticStop™ is extremely proud of the number of ESD flooring options we offer our customers because they can fit the needs of any company or business looking for a flooring solution. We have glue down flooring, epoxy flooring, carpet, adhesive and cleaning products to keep up with your business needs, but some of the biggest questions we get are about our interlocking tile floors.

What are interlocking ESD floors?

This flooring choice is an easy to install option for companies that need to get their new floors down quickly, on budget, and cause minimal disruption to their usual workflow. These interlocking tiles snap together easily to provide a new, clean ESD surface without the additional work associated with adhesives or ripping up your old flooring materials.

What makes StaticStop different?

To begin, our flooring is MAS certified and manufactured with a minimum of 20% recycled materials. We are also the only ESD interlocking tile floor system that has no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, or problem subfloors. This means you are spending less money when you invest in our products because we keep your renovation costs to a minimum. In addition to all of these benefits, our tiles do not require any conductive rejuvenators, wax, or expensive maintenance solutions. You will spend less time maintaining our flooring and more time getting your products in and out of your workspace.

Being knowledgeable about the latest technologies in ESD flooring is our specialty at StaticStop and we love any opportunity to help our clients find fast solutions to their static problems. If you’ve been thinking about a low-maintenance flooring that offers the highest quality results, get in contact with us today at (877) 738-4537. Our experts would love to explain all of the benefits our interlocking floor can offer you.