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What to Know About ESD Flooring

Before you visited StaticStop™ and started to read more about our ESD floor tiles, you probably were wondering what considerations you should have about the more standard ESD flooring options out there. There are plenty of challenges that can come with permanent ESD flooring, and we think you should always be aware of them as you consider the next business purchase!


Specialized options such as ESD flooring are often more expensive because they offer a specific solution for your electrostatic concerns. On top of the cost of the flooring itself, there are additional costs such as underlayment, conductive coats, moisture barriers, and more.


When your subfloors are not ideal, the prep that must go into them can set you back on time and on budget. ESD floors can be temperamental for their specific environment to provide the best results, and this extra step can make a huge difference in your initial renovation projections.


With the additional work put in under an ESD floor to prepare it for use, installation is often only completed by professionals to ensure it is completed correctly. Not only does installation take longer, depending on your materials, they must need to sit without use to cure.


In order for your ESD flooring to be useful, it has to be in the best shape possible. Many ESD floors require certain floor finishes and cleaning products and often cannot be repaired after damage without pulling up the entire floor.

Luckily, our ESD floor tile that rids you of these usual ESD flooring worries. Our interlocking tiles are the only ESD products on the market with no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, or problem subfloors. We eliminate prep, cut down on installation and maintenance, and are easily replaced when tiles are damaged. With more questions about our product, call us today at (508) 583-3200.