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What Does it Mean to be Certified MAS Green®?

StaticStop loves to tell our customers all about our MAS Certified Green® flooring options, and sometimes we forget that not everyone understands the significance of this accreditation. For that, we want to explain a little about why we’re so proud of this recognition and what it means for our clients.

By definition on their website, Certified Green is a trademark of Materials Analytical Services (MAS) and was created to help consumers identify interior construction products, furniture, and furnishings which have been designed and manufactured to produce lower VOC chemical emissions.

What does VOC mean?

VOC stands for volatile organic compound, which in layman’s terms describes hazardous chemicals. By reducing or eliminating these chemicals from products, MAS is working towards minimizing concerns of health effects from emissions inside buildings, schools, and residences. Through thorough and vigorous testing and strict requirements, products can be approved or denied being marked as MAS Certified Green®.

In addition to the Certified Green® check of approval, products can also be tested for qualification of LEED points and allowed the distinction of a “green” product to consumers. Just the same, LEED points are decided through a series of scientific factors that can aid in your building’s continuous goal to become as green as possible.

Through our years of development, StaticStop has, and continues to offer, our products under the Certified Green® mark. We provide ESD commercial and residential flooring products that are durable, affordable, and environmentally sound.

If our MAS Certified Green® floors have sparked your interest, get in contact with our experts! We would love to tell you all the benefits of having either our interlocking or glue-down options for your home, your business, or for other industrial or high traffic settings. With more questions, check us out online or call us today at (508) 583-4537.