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NASA Trusts FreeStyle ESD™

The search for reliable, durable, ESD floor tile is sometimes challenging. In our growing world of technology, companies and industry professionals are looking for simple solutions to their flooring needs that also meet strict ESD requirements. Here at StaticStop™, we are the static control flooring experts, and our products have helped NASA with their ESD flooring needs not once, but twice.

After dealing with failed ESD compliance verification audits in their Avionics Fabrication Lab, NASA came to StaticStop™ to remedy their problem with our FreeStyle ESD™ flooring. In a one weekend, self-install by their facilities personnel, employees were back to work without a hitch. Both impressed by the pace of the project and the results it gave their audits, NASA once again turned to us for a solution to their Telemetry Shop after water damage occurred.

So, some might be wondering, what makes our product so different?

ESD floors are complex, and can be even more difficult to install. From prep to equipment moving to delays in business, it isn’t uncommon for companies to hesitate to invest their time and money into a floor that will cause more headaches to install than ESD problems they solve. Luckily, FreeStyle ESD™ floors don’t have that drawback.

Our FreeStyle ESD™ flooring doesn’t rely solely on conductive adhesive to ground plane connection, and that’s because of our conductive top layer and conductive interlocking underlayment. Not to mention, this interlocking tile system is the simplest ESD flooring to install on the market. Without the use of adhesive or floor prep, all you need is a utility knife to cut your tiles before using a plastic tipped mallet to set them into place.

With easy maintenance, portability, a variety of colors, a waffle pattern backing that is created for strength and foot comfort, and a limited 10-year warranty, NASA and other companies alike will continue to feel confident in their decision to invest in FreeStyle™ flooring for all of their future ESD floor products.