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Need Static Control? Look No Further

static control floor mat

If you happen to fall into an industry where highly controlled environments are crucial to equipment and worker safety, and proper machine functioning, an anti-static floor mat may be the solution you need. Because static control is imperative for several different industries, there have been several variations of flooring solutions created. Thus, making the right flooring decision can be an overwhelming experience. However, at StaticStop, we’re here to make life simple. SelecTile ESD is the one solution you’ve been looking for.


SelecTile ESD

Manufactured by StaticStop, SelecTile ESD is easy to install without the need for conductive adhesive, copper foil strips, or underlayment. Thus, you have an installation solution that will not disrupt the downtime of your work area. The interlocking tiles can be easily installed over problem subfloors, old flooring, or concrete. Further, whether you’re looking to have an entire surface or a small section of flooring installed, the unique design of these tiles leaves the choice in your hands.


Color Options

Even though color seems like a side-note, it actually matters to many people! We’ve heard a lot of feedback that back anti-static floor mats are just not the right fit for the desired environment in many situations. As innovators, we quietly accepted the challenge of creating a product that would present you with a choice.
Thus, the days of only having black tiles are gone! StaticStop has engineered a new line of anti-static floor mats in gray! Don’t worry, all of the features you love about the original SelecTile ESD are the same.


Eco-Friendly Solution

Not only doe SelecTile ESD provide you with the properties your work environment needs, but it also saves time and money, all while being environmentally sustainable. Our products have a minimum of 20% recycled content and are RoHS compliant. Not only do we turn unwanted plastics into a usable product, but we also make them so, at the end of life, they are 100% recyclable.

anti static floor mat

If you’re looking for an anti-static flooring solution, contact StaticStop. Back by a limited warranty, our tiles have proven to be the perfect solution in industries ranging from aerospace to healthcare, automotive to cleanrooms. Call us today for more information at (508) 583-3200 or click here to contact us online.