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Project Alert: PRIDE Industries Is Making The Change

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During the past year, SelecTech delivered one of its most significant orders to an organization called PRIDE. Based in California, PRIDE works with challenged individuals to develop workplace skills. Many of these skills are obtained in the company operated electronics assembly plant. With a heavy reliance upon static control, it was time for an upgrade. SelecTile ESD access floors proved, once again, to take the lead in several areas, making it the perfect solution.


ESD control programs

ESD control programs protect increasingly sensitive electronic components, assemblies, and equipment from potentially costly ESD damage. Often, many of the solutions, such as those from SelecTech, also reduce downtime. A critical step in PRIDE’S upgrade included 20,000 square feet of existing ESD flooring to the latest ESD tile flooring.

StaticStop FreeStyle ESD Plus Apollo tiles employ a patented glueless interlocking system. This system enables the new flooring to be installed over the existing floor with minimal subfloor preparation. Thus, you have a solution that eliminates messy, toxic adhesives while significantly reducing production downtimes.


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Why SelecTech ESD Access Floors?

With many options available on the market, PRIDE chose FreeStyle ESD tile because the benefits of the company’s technologies are superior to the competition. With the ability to install the new flooring without glues or adhesives, the company didn’t have to worry about loosing production time. With no drying time and toxic VOCs, installing SelecTech’s access flooring was a simple and safe solution.

So simple, in fact, that the engineering personnel at PRIDE decided to perform the installation themselves! “The floor looks great, performs flawlessly, and will last for decades,”



“Working with Tom at SelecTech has been great. He is very down to earth and open/honest in the discussions, even when talking about the competitor’s products. He knows the total market for ESD flooring well.”

– Andy Williams, PRIDE Engineering Manager


When it comes to ESD access floors you can rely on for the latest technologies and highest deliverance, SelecTech is your solution. As a leader in the manufacture of flooring products from recycled materials, SelecTech keeps the environment, your budget, and your business first at hand. For a further inside look at the PRIDE project, check out the full article here.


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For more information on the innovative ESD flooring solutions from SelecTech, contact them today by calling (508) 583-3200.