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Recycled Products and Interlocking Anti-Static Floors

interlocking anti-static floors

When SelecTech first started, ESD flooring was not the product our team set out to make. Our goal was to make products from recycled materials, and we’re proud to say that it is still an integral part of what we do. During a recent interview on Pick, Place Podcast, our CEO, Tom Ricciardelli, discussed what we do at SelecTech and what makes StaticStop products special and different from the competition. Among many other topics, Tom and the hosts covered how we still incorporate recycled materials into our products, including our interlocking anti-static floors.


Here’s a closer look at how we use recycled materials in our interlocking anti-static floors.


We reuse whenever we can.

Whenever possible, we use the highest level of recycled materials that we can. For our products in standard colors, we can use a very high level of recycled materials. It is more difficult to use recycled materials in custom products, but whenever we can’t make a product from recycled materials, we ensure that the new product is recyclable.


Interlocking tiles help us recycle.

Our unique interlocking design doesn’t just make installation easier. It also allows us to recycle more used materials. Because interlocking tiles don’t use glue, we can recycle our old products and turn them into new ones. More often than not, the adhesives other flooring products need for installation are what make them non-recyclable rather than the products themselves. Our interlocking tiles are recoverable because we don’t use any glue to install them.


We’ll recycle used materials for you.

We’re dedicated to sustainability at SelecTech, which is why we’re willing to go out of our way to recycle old materials. If you purchased flooring from us in the past and want to remove or replace it, we’ll take it back to reuse or recycle it. SelecTeich is the only company in the world that takes back and recycles its products this way. We’re proud of our commitment to recycling, but we hope we don’t stay unique in this regard for long!


Interlocking Anti-Static Floors | StaticStop by SelecTech

At SelecTech, we’re proud to say that we produce a high-quality product and maintain our commitment to sustainability. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our interlocking anti-static floors and you can feel good about choosing a product with a positive impact on the environment.


Contact our team at 508-583-3200 to learn more about our products and our commitment to sustainability.