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Static Control Floor FAQ

When it comes to the static control floor, the professionals here at SelecTech know what we’re talking about. Our StaticStop ESD flooring is perfect in a variety of spaces, like industrial manufacturing spaces, warehouses, and anywhere that is sensitive to the effects of static. Do you need our flooring? Read on to find out!

Why Might I Need Static Control Floors?

Specially designed flooring to control static offer a variety of benefits. Traditionally known as ESD (electrostatic dissipative flooring), it’s purpose is removing static from people before they touch something that could become potentially damaged. Over the course of the day, static can build up on your body from your clothes, floors, or carpeting. Taking your jacket off and getting shocked when you hang it is a perfect example! ESD flooring removes this static before coming into contact with something conductive. Preventing this energy exchange is vital to preserving a variety of materials.

What Kind of Options Do I Have?

Here at SelecTech, we don’t want you to feel limited in your flooring options just because you need specialty flooring. Our static control floor products come in a variety of designs, styles, and installation options. We design our FreeStyle ESD using an interlocking tile design, so the installation process is quick and easy. We also offer traditional ESD glue down flooring, carpet tile, and rubber options. Additionally, you can apply our static control epoxy to a variety of surface to assist in electrostatic dissipation.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

As we said above, static control floors are necessary for environments when static control is essential. For example, static control is critical when working with circuits. If the static is transferred to a circuit from your body, the shock can damage it and even render it useless.

Whether you work in a small laboratory or large warehouse, ESD flooring like StaticStop by SelecTech is perfect to perfect your investment and keep you in business. For more information, call 508-583-3200.