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Static Dissipative Flooring: Changing the Electric Car Industry

static dissipative flooring

Whether you watch the news or not, there is one key player in the automotive industry – electric vehicles. There is no denying that the car world is going electric! With this in mind, if you are a car manufacturer, considering static dissipative flooring from SelecTech proves a viable, cost-effective solution. As a top innovator of static dissipative flooring, SelecTech keeps sustainability and effective, easy solutions a top priority.

In this article, our experts take a closer look at anti-static flooring in an “electric” future!


What is Static Dissipative Flooring?

Depending on the industry, you may already be familiar with the many benefits provided by innovative dissipative flooring. However, for those who are new to the concept, this type of flooring helps to disperse the voltage from static, electrical charges, and unwanted shock transmissions. Thus, the flooring provides a conductive pathway for any electrical charges by absorbing static electricity. Beyond providing protection to static sensitive environments, dissipative flooring is low maintenance,  making it ideal for various spaces. No wonder this flooring option is becoming increasingly popular! Just ask AIA, the American Institute of Architects, who recently took on SelecTech as their primary resource for this flooring!


Did you know?

Above and beyond the impressive characteristics of this flooring, SelecTech also offers solutions to match your company’s aesthetic. With various flooring options available, including carpet, tile, and rubber, SelecTech has truly created a solution for every business! However, beyond the versatility, the innovative flooring solutions offer quick, easy installation with minimal to no disruption to everyday production.


Static Dissipative Flooring for Your Company

SelecTech is matching the evolving electric car industry with its interlocking anti-static floors. As we are now seeing, many manufacturers are upgrading their spaces with EPA-regulated, static-safe flooring thanks to the use of small electronics. Below are some of the main applications for anti-static flooring:

  • Automotive and Transportation: Electronics in this industry are expanding at a rapid rate.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Electronics in aerospace is already a large part of the industry. 
  • Mission Critical and Telecommunications: ESD flooring is necessary for companies that rely on continuous audio/video transmission, data, etc. 

interlocking flooring


Since 1994, SelecTech has taken great pride in manufacturing sustainable products that provide EPA-regulated static dissipative flooring. SelecTech offers innovative flooring for various industries, including labs, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, and so much more! Why operate in the past when updating your flooring to a cost-effective, production enhancing solution is a phone call away?


Contact the experts at SelecTech today to learn more about our EOS approved flooring options.