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Tips for Installing Our Interlocking Tiles

So, you’ve finally invested in our anti-static floor tiles. StaticStop is excited to help you improve your business with our exceptional flooring! If you chose to complete your own installation, we have full instructions for your specific needs to ensure a proper install. That being said, we know sometimes cutting corners might seem like the easiest option, and for those moments of weakness, we want to give you a few tips and reasons why you shouldn’t.

Store tiles flat on the ground

To avoid damaging the interlock system on your tiles, be sure to always store them flat on the ground and not on their sides. Distorting the zipper can make installation increasingly difficult and cause further damage to the tile.

Use a chalk line

Not only does snapping a chalk line ensure your lines are straight, it can help simplify cutting around the edges of the room. Creating a chalk line also sets you up for a control row, and prevent gaps or excessively tight seams.

Pay attention to the orientation of the tile

In order for a proper installation and for your tiles to fit seamlessly together, you will need to always be sure your next tile to be installed is oriented the same way as the previously installed tile to avoid inaccurate cuts and damage to the interlocking system.

MUST use a dead-blow hammer

We mention in our instructions that rubber mallets don’t do the trick, and we stand by that statement. Be sure to review our list of supplies and invest in them for the installation. You’ll see the difference in quality and installation simplicity.

If you’re searching for quality anti-static flooring materials, call us at StaticStop. Our interlocking tiles make installation a breeze, with or without our team there to complete the job for you. With more questions, contact us at (508) 583-3200.