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Cleanrooms and Laboratories

As equipment in cleanrooms and laboratories continues to become more sophisticated, it is also becoming more sensitive to interference and damage from electrostatic discharge. In cleanrooms where control of particles in the air is critical, maintaining a static-free environment helps prevent particle collection by electrostatic attraction. The choice of flooring in these environments must include consideration of ESD characteristics, ability to withstand chemicals, particulate emissions, and durability.

StaticStop has a full line of options for cleanrooms and laboratories, including products that can be used in Class 0 environments.

cleanroom flooring

Products frequently used in these environments include:

FreeStyle ESD Interlocking

FreeStyle CVT Glue-Down

Conductive vinyl is the most often used in these settings because it provides an attractive surface that lasts well. Our PLUS products have the added benefit of having a tighter polymer makeup and an ESD PU coating, which reduces particulate emissions, reduces tribocharging, and enhances maintenance. All of StaticStop’s FreeStyle and FreeStyle CVT products exceed the necessary ESD requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 for both electrical resistance (ASTM/ESD S97.1) and charge generation (ASTM/ESD S97.2). These interlocking products are also easy to install, with minimal disruption to sensitive operations. The items are also portable, which is ideal for cleanroom use.
LowVolt ESD Rubber Sheet and Tile Rubber flooring is often a good choice in laboratories because of its maintenance characteristics, comfortable foot-feel, and lower tribocharging characteristics when walked on without ESD footwear. This is ideal for uncontrolled areas.