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Why EpoxyStyle ESD™ Epoxy Might Be Right for You

At StaticStop, we talk constantly about our interlocking, conductive floors because they are often great solutions for industries that need new flooring options that fit all of their needs quickly and affordably without stopping regular business. We’re proud to be the only interlocking ESD flooring company with no disclaimers for problem subfloors, but we also know that companies might have ESD flooring needs that require something other than interlocking floor systems. That’s why we have EpoxyStyle ESD™ Epoxy.

It’s ideal for high-traffic areas

In many cases, having high traffic ESD floors is a must, especially in production, manufacturing, and shipping areas. EpoxyStyle ESD™ is perfect for industrial needs, and is a great alternative to our interlocking or glue-down flooring options.

Application is easy

With standard rollers, two coats can be applied, light work can begin around 12 hours after application, and it will cover 400-600 square feet per gallon. Not to mention, it is a low-cost finish for large areas needing guaranteed static protection.

It can be installed over old VCT and concrete

As long as the subfloors are in the appropriate condition for install, our epoxy can be placed over specific surfaces. Save your company time and money by choosing an epoxy that could require little prep.

Has great chemical and abrasion resistance

When it comes to manufacturing and production, you never know what products could be spilt or equipment that needs to be moved. Feel safe with our epoxy floors and know their durability will last.

If you’re in need of industrial ESD floors where time is not critical and your subfloors are in the condition to accept a finish, our water-based, 2-part epoxy-acrylate finish EpoxyStyle ESD™ could be the solution you have been searching for. With more questions about our product, check out our literature online or call us today at (508) 583-3200.