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4 Reasons Medical Labs Need ESD Floors

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When we think of spaces that require electrostatic discharge flooring, certain industries usually come to mind. Server rooms, EV manufacturing, electronics, and cleanrooms all make it to the top of our mental list. However, there is another important application: healthcare and medical labs. A lot of sensitive work goes on in medical labs, and ESD floors are essential to maintaining the integrity of their results.


Here are four reasons why ESD floors are crucial in healthcare and medical labs.


Protect Sensitive Equipment

Medical labs contain sensitive equipment, including microscopes, analyzers, and diagnostic machines. Static discharge can damage this equipment, causing false or inaccurate results. Even minor inaccuracies can have devastating effects in medicine, so protecting the equipment is paramount. ESD flooring dissipates the static electricity generated by workers moving around the lab, preventing it from damaging the equipment.


Prevent Contamination

Static electricity can compromise the test samples as well as the equipment. It attracts dust and other contaminants, which can compromise the results of tests and experiments. Foreign objects in blood or tissue samples can skew test results, causing the lab technician to receive an inaccurate or inconclusive result.


Ensure Safety of Personnel

Static electricity can also pose a risk to lab personnel. Tests sometimes involve the use of flammable materials, so static discharge can cause fires or even explosions. ESD floors provide a path to safely dissipate any static charges, greatly reducing the likelihood of these accidents.


Comply with Regulations

Medical labs must comply with strict regulations and standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of tests and experiments. ESD floors may be a requirement to meet safety standards, depending on the regulations that apply to the lab. These regulations can vary depending on the lab’s location and the kind of work it does.


ESD Floors for Medical Labs | StaticStop by SelecTech

Medical labs are responsible for important patient care as well as breakthroughs in medical research. Both patients and healthcare professionals rely on the safety and accuracy of these labs to receive reliable test results and improved treatment options. ESD floors and flooring products from StaticStop by SelecTech contribute to vital work technicians perform in medical labs.


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