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Conductive Flooring Materials: Where Does the Static Go?

Let’s tackle a big question surrounding conductive flooring materials: where does the static electricity go?

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ESD Floor: How Can Carpet Dissipate Static?

If an anti-static floor made of carpet sounds counterintuitive, don’t worry! The team at SelecTech is here to explain how it works.

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Antistatic Floors for EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as the world moves towards sustainable energy sources. However, the charging of these vehicles can pose certain risks, especially in environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern.

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Product Highlight: Industrial ESD Floor

When considering industrial flooring, several factors come into play. Here is a closer look.

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Importance of Conductive Flooring Materials

A lot of thought goes into learning which type of flooring is right for your space. One of the most important decisions is whether or not you need to use conductive flooring materials. ESD, or electrostatic dissipative flooring, is designed to discharge static electricity and keep your employees and customers safe. If you need ESD […]

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