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Antistatic Floors for EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as the world moves towards sustainable energy sources. However, the charging of these vehicles can pose certain risks, especially in environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern.

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Antistatic Flooring and the EV Industry

Few industries are growing as quickly and generating as much excitement as the electric vehicle industry. EVs are an important step towards making low-emission transportation commonplace. At SelecTech, we’re proud to be a part of this exciting industry.

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No-Vinyl Interlocking ESD Tile: Introducing FreeStyle Choice

SelecTech is excited to tell you about our newest product, FreeStyle Choice! Check out the details on our new, no-vinyl interlocking ESD tile flooring!

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ESD Floor Products Are Now in New Colors!

Until now, we had to sacrifice aesthetics in favor of functionality for our SelecTile ESD™ Interlock Flooring. But not anymore. StaticStop and SelecTech are happy to announce that SelecTile is now available in six colors!

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Static Dissipative Flooring: Changing the Electric Car Industry

Are you an electric car manufacturer? Here are some reasons why you should consider SelecTech’s static dissipative flooring.

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How StaticStop Can Save Your Factory Money

When it comes to factory production, the key to success is staying productive.  At StaticStop, the team of experts has created a solution to help your company do just that.  With their innovative recycling technologies and environmentally friendly factory ESD flooring solutions, you can be certain your company stays at the optimum level of efficiency. […]

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Glue Down Conductive Vinyl Tile

Aerospace and National Defense programs are some of the world’s most prominent, and most rigid industries.  Governed by strict guidelines and standards, there is no room for error.  Thus, every detail of the business needs to be taken into consideration.  Whether you are choosing the highest performing pieces of equipment or the flooring for your […]

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What Does an Interlocking Floor Mean?

StaticStop™ is extremely proud of the number of ESD flooring options we offer our customers because they can fit the needs of any company or business looking for a flooring solution. We have glue down flooring, epoxy flooring, carpet, adhesive and cleaning products to keep up with your business needs, but some of the biggest […]

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