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Recycled Products and Interlocking Anti-Static Floors

Here’s a closer look at how we use recycled materials in our interlocking anti-static floors.

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ESD Floor: How Can Carpet Dissipate Static?

If an anti-static floor made of carpet sounds counterintuitive, don’t worry! The team at SelecTech is here to explain how it works.

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The Only 2 Reasons You Need ESD Tile Flooring

With various ESD floor products on the market, choosing the most cost effective solution is appealing. But is this the best choice?

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ESD Floor Products: The Perfect Solution For Robotics

ESD floor products are the wave of the future in robitics, distribution, and warehouses – and SelecTech has the innovative solution you seek.

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ESD vs Antistatic Carpeting

You’ve probably felt the effect of static on carpeted surfaces. You’ve probably shocked yourself on a metal doorknob after accidentally shuffling your feet on a carpeted floor. If this is something you’re used to, then it can be surprising to think of carpet that prevents static shock or discharge. When you’re designing a new office […]

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What Else Can ESD Carpet Tile Offer Your Space?

ESD carpet is the perfect option for those working in static sensitive environments, but choosing a flooring that can provide more than one benefit is an ideal investment for any business owner. StaticStop designs our flooring to help our clients achieve more in their spaces, and our OhmStyle carpet tiles can do just that. Additional […]

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Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Carpet?

Being in the same commercial space for years can really show the wear and tear your floor goes through on a regular basis. One place that can be extremely noticeable is on your carpet. StaticStop can understand the appeal of carpet in an office or work environment, and we also know why you might not […]

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