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Why Use Rubber in Flooring?

One popular method of making sure your flooring is ESD safe is to include rubber in the flooring. Rubber is a material that doesn’t conduct electricity, and so it can stop static discharge before it becomes harmful. We’ve got options that utilize rubber in flooring—check out why it’s a good option. Rubber is very durable. […]

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We Loved the 2017 EOS/ESD Annual Symposium!

Every chance StaticStop gets to attend trade shows and other events to talk about our static control flooring or to learn from other experts in the field, we will take it. Like with anything in our technology-driven world, advances in static control happen constantly, and important events like these are essential for businesses like ours. […]

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Why EpoxyStyle ESD™ Epoxy Might Be Right for You

At StaticStop, we talk constantly about our interlocking, conductive floors because they are often great solutions for industries that need new flooring options that fit all of their needs quickly and affordably without stopping regular business. We’re proud to be the only interlocking ESD flooring company with no disclaimers for problem subfloors, but we also […]

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NASA Trusts FreeStyle ESD™

The search for reliable, durable, ESD floor tile is sometimes challenging. In our growing world of technology, companies and industry professionals are looking for simple solutions to their flooring needs that also meet strict ESD requirements. Here at StaticStop™, we are the static control flooring experts, and our products have helped NASA with their ESD […]

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Benefits of Anti Static Flooring

Selecting a flooring for your business can be overwhelming with many to choose from, especially if you’re searching for options that are conducive to your industry. For health, electronic, and military locations, anti static flooring is often a smart and beneficial choice. StaticStop has been working to create the best ESD flooring options around, and […]

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