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Benefits of Static Control Floor Mats

Here at SelecTech, we specialize in flooring for industries and environments that have specific needs. For example, manufacturing and industrial flooring sometimes have to have static control. But you may not need control properties across the whole space. In this case, your organization could benefit from static control floor mats. Read on to learn if […]

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Static Control Floor FAQ

When it comes to the static control floor, the professionals here at SelecTech know what we’re talking about. Our StaticStop ESD flooring is perfect in a variety of spaces, like industrial manufacturing spaces, warehouses, and anywhere that is sensitive to the effects of static. Do you need our flooring? Read on to find out! Why […]

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NASA Trusts FreeStyle ESD™

The search for reliable, durable, ESD floor tile is sometimes challenging. In our growing world of technology, companies and industry professionals are looking for simple solutions to their flooring needs that also meet strict ESD requirements. Here at StaticStop™, we are the static control flooring experts, and our products have helped NASA with their ESD […]

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Is Your Industrial Flooring Surface Ready for StaticStop?

As you begin your hunt for high traffic ESD flooring options, you have probably considered how much a flooring solution will affect your budget. ESD flooring is an investment, there is no doubt about it, but one of the many problems business owners face is the preparation to their flooring surfaces they do not incorporate […]

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What to Look for in Static Control Flooring

Choosing an antistatic flooring isn’t exactly like picking out hardwood floors for your home, but many of the same concepts apply! SelecTech wants you to be happy with all of your industrial floor buying decisions and know what to look for when choosing your ESD floors. Durability Just as you would want an industrial floor […]

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