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Is Your Industrial Flooring Surface Ready for StaticStop?

As you begin your hunt for high traffic ESD flooring options, you have probably considered how much a flooring solution will affect your budget. ESD flooring is an investment, there is no doubt about it, but one of the many problems business owners face is the preparation to their flooring surfaces they do not incorporate […]

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Myths About Vinyl Flooring

If there is one thing we know at StaticStop™, it’s how to be on the cusp of innovative static control floor mats, interlocking systems, and glue down CVT. There are bad rumors we hear time and time again regarding the stigma around vinyl tile. Not only is vinyl an affordable choice for many homeowners, it […]

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What to Look for in Static Control Flooring

Choosing an antistatic flooring isn’t exactly like picking out hardwood floors for your home, but many of the same concepts apply! SelecTech wants you to be happy with all of your industrial floor buying decisions and know what to look for when choosing your ESD floors. Durability Just as you would want an industrial floor […]

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