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ESD Flooring Best Practices: A Podcast with Tom

Have you seen the latest podcast with Tom? If not, check it out! We’re talking glue down flooring and ESD properties …

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Considering Lab or Clean Room Flooring? Ask These Questions

Picking a new floor is a big deal! Here are a few considerables to ensure your decision is the best one!

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What does ESD Flooring Mean?

When searching for cleanroom flooring or flooring for a commercial space, you might have come across the term ESD floor product and wondered, “What is ESD flooring?”. Though you might have an idea of what ESD flooring means, the team at SelecTech thought you might want to hear it from the experts. Considering we’ve been […]

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No Downtime with Conductive Floor Tiles

Time is money.  A phrase we’ve all heard and know well, especially if we are in charge of an industrial environment.  Finding ways to keep production on task and flowing is one of the key responsibilities of managing this type of atmosphere.  However, life throws us curveballs when we least expect it.  For instance, consider […]

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How StaticStop Can Save Your Factory Money

When it comes to factory production, the key to success is staying productive.  At StaticStop, the team of experts has created a solution to help your company do just that.  With their innovative recycling technologies and environmentally friendly factory ESD flooring solutions, you can be certain your company stays at the optimum level of efficiency. […]

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Static controlled. Cobham Integrated Electronic Solutions goes FreeStyle with installation of ESD flooring

SelecTech, Inc., a leader in the manufacture of innovative flooring products with long-term value and immediate benefits, recently announced the completion of the installation of its FreeStyle ESD flooring at Cobham Integrated Electronic Solutions facility at 305 Richardson Road in Lansdale. The project was initiated and installed by SelecTech distributor Spartan Surfaces. “The trend in […]

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Are You Ready for the New LEED v4 Standard?

At StaticStop, we work to keep our customers informed of the latest news of conductive floor tile and our green certifications. In the past, we’ve discussed our contributions to LEED points for your building projects and what LEED points mean for you. Though it is simply explained that these Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design […]

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Myths About Static Control Flooring

SelecTech creates a number of unique ESD flooring options, and being in the business for as long as we have means we’ve heard every rumor about ESD flooring. We love to teach our customers about our flooring, and one way we start is by debunking these myths we come across all too often! Static control […]

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What Does an Interlocking Floor Mean?

StaticStop™ is extremely proud of the number of ESD flooring options we offer our customers because they can fit the needs of any company or business looking for a flooring solution. We have glue down flooring, epoxy flooring, carpet, adhesive and cleaning products to keep up with your business needs, but some of the biggest […]

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Considerations for Your New Warehouse Flooring

When choosing a new warehouse flooring option, buying the first floor you find online for an inexpensive cost might be more expensive in the long run. Though you believe you have found the best deal, your flooring selection might not necessarily be acceptable for your workspace conditions. Finding a floor that fits your budget and […]

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